Online Marketing

How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online in the Most POSITIVE Way Possible

Negative reviews have the capability to cripple your business—particularly if it’s one written with a deep reserve of hatred that makes it look like you did something personally wrong against that person. Well, such is the life of the modern business: you get crapped on with little to no reason at all, and you simply […]

How to Make Customers “Feel” by Using Emotional Market Research

Marketing is tricky work. Which is why you can’t blame many of those advertising people when they choose to target on the “baser” instincts of their consumers just so they can get the latter to buy their products. It may be disingenuous, but there’s no doubt that this tactic works. And, no surprise, you can […]

Simple Hacks for Great PowerPoint Presentations

So, you’re marketing your business online, and business seems to be stable so far, right? Well, here’s one thing that is true about running any kind of business: pretty soon, you’ll have to pitch yourself to people you barely know just to strike up a fruitful partnership in the future. And how can you exactly […]

Here are Three Simple Ways to Manage Visual Content Marketing Assets!

Visual content marketing is one of the driving forces behind any online business venture you may have on your hands. However, unlike written content, it can be very hard to account for visual content because of the fact that, oftentimes, one asset seems to be a derivative of the one which came before it and […]

Get Sales Like a Boss: Three Best Email Marketing Tips that are Applicable Anywhere

When most people talk about content marketing strategies these days, they rarely touch base on the one thing which has been a staple of online marketing ever since the concept itself was first introduced more than a decade ago: email marketing. Yep, email marketing is still a viable tool for marketing your business to customers both […]