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The Most Common Business Website Mistakes that You Should be on the Lookout For!

Marketing a website is art. Yep, we say that without irony at all. However, you can’t also escape the fact that gaffes in designing your own website can be an extremely common thing in this day and age where every adult is practically expected to juggle multiple things at once. So, at the very least, what you can do to avoid that is to take note of the most common business website mistakes that you may be doing without your knowledge!

So, which “mistakes” should you be taking keen note of, then? Well, here are some we have in mind for you to be aware of. Read on below for more!

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  1. Your homepage does not tell visitors what you offer

You can be GoDaddy all you want, but the fact remains that the company has enough clout and brand recognition at the moment to be able to get away with SuperBowl adverts that essentially tell people NOTHING of what they can offer for their customers. If you attempt to do the same for your website, then that can prove to be a fatal, fatal mistake.

And really, this is a warning that should never ever be heeded if you want customers—both existing and potential—to take you seriously. Building up hype for your brand through clever slogans is all well and good, but you have to make sure that the language you’ll be using to communicate that “hype” is clear enough for most people to understand what you are offering to them. So, the TL;DR version of what we’re saying here? Be concise and clear in the heading of your website.

  1. “Distracting” social media icons

Social media is essential to any website looking to “make it” these days. However, one thing that is entirely possible when focusing all your energies on promoting your social media outlets is the fact that they can “cannibalise” your entire user base. How so?

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Well, it’s all determined by the social media icons you are putting on the main page of your website, for one. For one, you don’t want to have any “outside” influence trying to lure away your customers from your website. The point of the whole thing for having social media is to have visitors from the latter platforms visit your website, and not the other way around. Sure, you can put any kind of icon on each one of your pages, but you have to be extremely sure that the attention of your visitors won’t be solely focused on those social media platforms afterwards. Yep, it’s easier said than done.

  1. “Buried” testimonials

Nothing advertises your website more than having satisfied customers do it for you. Indeed, that is the whole point of publishing loads and loads of testimonials on your page, isn’t it? However, if you’re too “humble” to display the best testimonials front and centre on any of your main pages, then that still defeats the purpose of having testimonials displayed on your website!

So, to use another clichéd aphorism, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! And by that, we mean your testimonials, of course. If you’ve got a customer who has written one exceedingly well-worded testimonial, then by all means, display it on your main page, if you can! If anything, that’s the best kind of “truth in advertising” you can ever come up with for your business!

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So, what else are the common business website mistakes you have in mind? Well, don’t hesitate to share them below on the comments section!

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