Google Mobile Update – Your Website Could Fall Off The Search Engines

Is Your Website About To Fall Off The Search Engines, with the Google Mobile Update?

Ranking your business in Google can be a ruthlessly competitive endeavour. However, there is no question that being on the first page of search results is an essential factor for any business in the world right now. Successful business owners know how crucial this can be to generate leads and grow your business – but did you know about the looming Google Mobile Update?

Of course, staying on top of the search results means keeping up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates. And just when you thought you were safe, Google (who owns the majority of search traffic) are set to release their biggest update yet this month. Google’s “mobile-friendly” algorithm update – dubbed Mobilegeddon – will be rolled out on April 21st 2015.

Search Engine Land reported recently; “Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji is quoted as saying at SMX Munich the upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm will impact more sites than their Panda or Penguin algorithms.” If you previously played it cool when it came to updating your website for Google changes, this ominous warning has come in advance as no site will be spared. If your site is non-compliant (not a mobile friendly website), it will be “demoted” in the Google rankings.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t have a mobile responsive website (that resizes to display correctly on a mobile device), then you are about to lose over 60% of your search traffic…

Now the purpose of this article is not to scare people and build hype around yet another Google update, but to arm you with the facts and some tips on being prepared… So what are the best ways of making sure that your website fits the bill? Well, you have to make sure that your website translates beautifully for the world of mobile – which consists of smartphones and tablets. Sure, many people are using desktops or laptops, however the percentage of people using smart phones to browse the web has skyrocketed – particularly when searching for a local business. If you own a local business, then the impact of not having a mobile friendly website is HUGE, due to the “buying intent” of searchers rather than just “browsing”…

So why will these new Google changes affect non-mobile ready websites? Consumers today will tell you that convenience is an important part of their shopping experience – almost as key as the quality of your product or service. Google can measure these things by the amount of time people spend and their interactivity on your website. They know what people want, and those out-dated websites that you have to scroll all around to find things on a mobile – are gone…

The good news… you still have enough time to prepare yourself for the latest Google Mobile Search Update!

So, what is a mobile website?

  • All the page information is displayed on screen without having to zoom in or scroll around to view “cut-off” portions of the website
  • The website loads quickly, with little or no delay

If you’re confident that your website is compliant, then you really don’t have anything to worry about. If you want to be certain that your website will pass the impending Google mobile update, then Google has setup a free tool where you can simply enter your website to automatically check it:

Go on, try it… We’ll wait…


Ok, finished? Did your website pass? Don’t worry if it hasn’t! There are a couple of options for you to get your site up to speed…

If you’re not technically inclined and want to pass this onto the experts today, then you might want to stop reading and contact us right now for some help.

Virtual Influence not only have clients and partners both locally and overseas, but we have a huge portfolio of our own websites. If you are an existing client, then grab a coffee and relax, as your website is already mobile responsive and ready to rock and roll!

For the millions of other businesses that this change affects, please do some research before paying over-inflated prices for unnecessary services. Virtual Influence provide two cost effective options to update your website to comply with the Google mobile update April 21st 2015.

  1. Build a mobile website that runs alongside your existing site as a basic, cut-down version specifically for mobile devices. A script will automatically redirect mobile devices to your new mobile site.
    We can build you a redirected mobile website for just $497
  1. Take this opportunity to develop a brand new Website on the World’s leading CMS, WordPress. This website can either replicate your existing website or show off a brand new slick design, and will be fully mobile responsive for a functional display on all devices. You will also receive all the great benefits of our standard website packages, including on-page optimisation and the ability to update pages on your site at any time yourself – for free!
    We can build you a brand new, state of the art website as little as $997

Our websites are built by professional web developers and driven by in-depth marketing and business experience to provide what we believe is THE most cost-effective and functional website for business. Go and look around – compare the market… We know for a fact that you won’t find better value in Australia today – so we look forward to helping you when the time is right!

I hope this information has been a timely eye opener for your business. Let me leave you with this thought; “If you’re still ignoring the “basics” and continue without a mobile-ready website – whether intentionally or not – then after this Google Mobile Update your website will be as good as dead to a large portion of the people searching for you!” Harsh, but true.

Brett Mudie
Business Growth & Online Marketing Expert

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