How to Market a Website Business Like a Pro!

Are you in business right now? Well then, there’s no question that you’ve already got a website up and running in this regard, then! Of course, making your customers take your website seriously is a whole other thing; and really, when you consider how many “competitors” you have already gunning for that top spot in the searches, then how you can be able to compete with that, then? Well, it’s quite simple: you simply should know how to market a website business!

So, how can you start doing so, then? Well, whilst we can all agree that it’s a combination of factors like knowing how to respond to customers and simply running your business according to the most efficient way you see fit, you can do so much more to making your website more marketable if you put your mind to it! And sure enough, here are our tips for this purpose below!

how to market a website business

  1. A “contemporary” design

So, what’s the difference between Facebook and erstwhile king of social media, MySpace? Well, for one, it’s quite a “glaring” difference: its design. Mashable, in a 2007 article, neatly summed up all the things that will become the standard for web design in the years to come after the aughts:

“Facebook wins because of its clean layout that allows you to find everything right away, and it’s start page is a link to everything you need in neat and tidy boxes.”

So, if you’re still used to writing out on LiveJournal, then you have to orient yourself to the times and see that every website is now designed in a minimal and clean interface. But if you’re doubting whether you can pull it off, then simply outsource it and give the project to a person who can come up with a modern web design!

  1. A “simplified” Content Management System (CMS)

So, let’s say that you do have a background in web design. Does that mean you can already design a website from scratch? Well, technically, you can; however, unlike the web designs of yore, you’re not obliged to build yours from the hood up! Good, innit?

content management system images

So, whilst it can be tempting to “play” with all the features you have on your website, doing so will actually lead to a lot of time lost doing so. Thankfully, many “modern” blogging services like WordPress already contain plug-ins that will help your job way easier for this purpose. And most of them are free, to boot!

  1. A “responsive”, friendlier platform

Along with social media, one of the things which have been defined in this generation of web design is the presence of a “responsive” platform for this purpose.

So, what does this mean? Well, for non-techies reading this, it basically means that your website should function equally well on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. And really, if you’re going to desing your website using the “old” ways, then there’s a risk that any feature you may have for one device is not available for the other. If you want to avoid that, then search for “responsive” web templates that will allow you to cover all three bases!

social media logos

So, have you figured out how to market a website business? If you’ve got more questions and suggestions, then shoot us a comment below!

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