Bulletproof Tips for Delivering Content to your Social Media Channels

Social media is a necessity to every business strategy you may be thinking of right now (we’ve even made a full post of it, mind). However, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by the “power” that the platform gives to us from the get-go. After all, your main social media channels allow you to post ANY content that can reach hundreds—even thousands—of people in one sitting!

However, that is not to say that using that kind of strategy essentially works; as with all things, the main goal of running a business is to convert that wide reach into people actually buying your products or services! And goodness knows how much of those any business needs at any moment!

So, how can you make sure that you deliver social media content that will ACTUALLY drive revenue, then? Well, we have some few tips below to help you for such a purpose! Read on for more!

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  1. Different content for different channels

Look, we understand how hard it is to maintain multiple accounts on social media. And really, that’s probably enough reason for you to create a “unified” content on, say, both your Twitter and Facebook posts. Well, you have the “reasons”, indeed, but this is an idea that is probably not worth pursuing.

Why so? Well, because for one, doing so would make your operations look very… well, lazy. After all, no one wants to see the same thing posted over and over again on their social media feeds, after all! If you still insist on doing so, then you’d just annoy your followers at the least. The most extreme thing you can do, on the other hand, is to completely force them to unsubscribe from you because of that annoyance. You don’t want that happening, do you?

So, in short, vary your content on your different social media platforms as a way to drive continuing interest on your accounts. In this regard, the next item below is the “extension” of this one…

  1. Know the “strengths” of each social media channel

Now that we have established the fact that only certain kinds of content can work on social media, the next step is now to determine how to utilise the content for the right platform it’s supposed to be posted on.

How can you do so, then? Well, here are the hard and fast rules: news and Q&As are on Twitter, “traditional” advertising content is on Facebook, and videos are on Vine and YouTube. Sure, you have the ability of “cross-promoting” each content on another platform, but you have to choose carefully which of your content can do so in a meaningful manner.

Main Social Media Channels

Now that we have said that, this last item should drive home the “social” aspect of social media to its most expected form…

  1. Create your own “social” community

Aggressive marketing tactics rarely work in this day and age anymore; if anything, today’s consumers are now expecting that they should RECEIVE something from you before they even considering buying something from you. So, how can you do so, then?

Well, one of the most effective ways to do so is to create a “community” that is based around the services that you offer. So, for example, you run a bakery, but you just can’t ply them with one new product after another; if anything, you should “educate” your followers on the finer appreciation of all things bread and baked. By doing so, you can actually create a loyal “community” that is united by their common interests for the subject at hand. Easy, eh?

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So, have you determined how you would want content marketed on your main social media channels? Well, we hoped we helped a lot for this purpose!

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