Three Awesome Tips for Reverse Showrooming your Online Store

Ever since the advent of online shopping more than ten years ago, brick-and-mortar retailers were trying to combat the rising tide of having their shops being used a “showrooms”. However, it seems recent trends seem to be shifting in the other tide: a new term being bandied about these days is ‘reverse showrooming’, a process where customers get to research for a specific product online and then go to the actual store to buy it.

So, it should come as no surprise that many business owners are now using this newly-minted business model to their own ends. And, of course, you can also do the same thing for your business, as well! How you can do so, though? Well, we’ve got some tips below that you can apply for such a purpose. Read below!

reverse showrooming

  1. Time your “deals” at the right time

By the time this post gets published, all of us will be knee-deep in the upcoming Holidays season, and you know what that means? Rush shopping for everyone, of course! Now, we may have smarter consumers this time around, but even they themselves can fall prey to a case of “timing” every now and then.

So, how can you do that, then? Well, this is where operating a brick-and-mortar shop still works well for this purpose: because all of your products are now in-store rather than making your customers wait for it to be shipped out, then you only need to remember to make a consistent pricing between what you offer on the website as opposed to what you offer in your physical shop. They’re most likely using a smartphone while going there, so make sure that the info they receive on all fronts is consistent. And speaking of smartphones, here is an item below which should come as relevant in this conversation…

  1. Using customer reviews

We’ve actually tackled this problem before in a separate article, but it still remains as true in this one as the former: any incoming customers to your store will likely be there because of a review they saw of your product or service online, so you have to keep track of any kind of “buzz” coming your way from that area.

negative reviews on yelp

In addition, if you have any one person messaging your store either thru your email or your social media account, then by all means, be as prompt to reply to them as soon as possible. That’s already a lead opening itself up to you, so be sure to close it immediately!

  1. Using “incentives” to keep customers coming back

Sure, small-to-medium businesses will always find a hard time to compete with larger behemoths across the block. But really, because of your competitors’ lack of “personal approach” to doing things their way, then that can prove to be the opening you may be looking for!

How so? Well, you can do so by offering a customised “customer loyalty” program: by offering constant deals that will help you “hook” customers into coming back into your store for more, then that should count as a small victory, in this regard!

how to respond to negative reviews online

So, do you know of any other reverse showrooming tips we may have missed out? Well, just post a comment below if you want to share your ideas!

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