Selfies and Branding: How Being ‘Vain’ can Actually Help your Business Flourish!

You can choose to be annoyed with this recent trend on social media, but you can hardly do anything about it: selfies are here to stay, so you really can’t do anything but to accept this fact. So, with that said, it should come as no surprise to you that “selfies and branding” are becoming more and more synonymous with each other nowadays. How so?

Well, for one, it’s because becoming a proud curator of your facial expressions can actually boost your content marketing strategy in ways that you haven’t even considered before. So, how can you be able to start doing so, then? Well, it’s a good thing that you’re still reading up to this point, then! Here are the ways on how you can leverage your tendency for being vainglorious into something that can grow your brand even bigger than what it is now! Read below for more!

selfies and branding

  1. Show “behind-the-scenes” photos of your company

Everyone loves a human interest story every once in a while. That’s why Reality TV is so popular with a wide variety of people; if they see someone they can “relate” with, then that’s enough for them to make a connection with your brand!

For example, posting a photo of yourself at work can be enough for your followers to know that there is a “human” operating at the other end of the line, working overtime to make sure that the products and experiences they are getting is actually being done carefully. On the other hand, you can also make sure that taking random photo of yourself or your staff will be a good “introduction” for those who are following your company for the first time!

  1. Unveil a new “product” or “service”

Who needs a snazzy marketing for your product when you can just as easily post a photo of it on social media and let the hype gradually build from there? Yes, it really can be just as easy as that!

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So, why introduce a new product you have through a “company selfie”, then? Well, for one, it offers a good way for you to solicit feedback from your followers without having to gauge whether the “demographic” likes it or not. All the potential customers you can ever want is right there on your social media, and they’re the first people you have to please first before marketing it to a wider audience!

  1. Using selfies for promotions or contests

Of course, it can prove to be very annoying to your followers when all they see on their feeds are photos of you and your products. Since you are trying to build a community of passionate consumers of your product, then the next sensible thing you can do in this regard is to have THEM send a selfie to your page!

So, does that mean you’re essentially giving them free reign to spam your account? Well, of course, but at least they’ll be doing so for a purpose: by showing pictures of themselves “engaging” with your product in some way—and that also includes the hashtags used for this purpose, too—then you can have your followers fight over who has the most likes or retweets so they can get a free product or discount, in return! So, you get “organic” promotion, whilst your followers earn the chance to earn free swag! Nice, right?

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So, have you figured out how you want your selfies and branding to go together? Well, we surely hoped so! Good luck!

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