Business Consulting Services

Virtual Influence offer specialised business and marketing consulting services as follows;

Expert Copywriting Services

Our Copywriting services use persuasive language and emotional direct response marketing to motivate action from your audience. Whether in the form of a Sales Letter, Landing Page, Website or a Brochure, effective copy is highly targeted and above all – gets results!

Pricing is per 500 Words – Ensure you select multiples if you require more!

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Business Marketing Consulting

Utilise a one-on-one consultation with a Business Growth Strategist & Online Marketing Expert to uncover the hidden profits within your business. Our expertise will quickly identify business and marketing process improvements that will add massive value to your bottom line – Guaranteed! Book Now

Monthly Business Coaching

Our experienced business strategists work only with a small selection of clients who apply for Business Coaching. This program is only for serious business owners looking to grow or expand their current position. We work closely with you to analyse, plan and improve each of your business processes on a monthly basis. Areas covered include operational systems and procedures, finance, administration and marketing. We guarantee that our coaching will increase your profit margin – or your money back!

Virtual Influence are specialist business builders. Work closely with us to create and coordinate a Joint Venture Marketing plan, with both online and offline businesses to grow your leads and sales. Our custom designed Joint Venture marketing system requires client input to work with each individual business.

Our private consulting services offer unprecedented levels of planning and support. We work closely with you to design, refine and implement strategic processes and systems within your business. Do not consider this option unless you are serious about streamlining your business, improving automation and increasing PROFITS!

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