Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just want what works best for you but feel bombarded with all the acronyms?! Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Developers (WebDev), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Social Media Management (SMM), the list goes on… We simply focus on Monetisation – converting your online marketing into dollars in your pocket. If you are looking for the fastest and most cost effective way to get your message to the masses, then look no further than the Monetisation services provided by Virtual Influence.

Why should we choose Virtual Influence to set up and manage our Social Media and Local Business Marketing?
Virtual Influence evolved from the success and experience of several businesses in different sectors and locations. Our systems have been developed and refined through thousands of hours and hard yards put in by the founder over many years in order to improve the success of his own businesses. Our team attitude and processes are unique in a way that we focus on your bottom line. Our services are designed to increase lead generation, convert sales, appreciate your customers and lift your business revenues.
Why are your prices so cheap compared to other Social Media Marketing companies?
Actually, the question is why are other businesses charging so much? Our proven systems and processes reduce our cost to you and ensure that your social channels are receiving the attention they deserve. Nobody should be in a situation where sales are lost due to customer questions going unanswered. Social Media isn’t rocket science, however there are definitely the right and wrong way of doing things. Our services encompass other marketing techniques to compliment social media and our results certainly speak for themself.
Why Social Media?
local directory listing Social Media has become one of the most powerful mediums in history. An extension to your marketing plan, you can generate new leads, convert sales, up-sell & nurture existing customers and gain social endorsement for your business. Social Media Marketing facilitates low cost brand exposure, interactivity and a targeted action or response with your audience. Through careful brand exposure, our services ensure that your business is at the front of potential customers’ mind. Posting share-worthy content drives word of mouth and boosts online referrals. Helpful tips, entertaining stories, exclusive offers, and more compel your followers not only to act on your content, but to also share it so that it spreads virally among their friends.

The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work!

Robert Kiyosaki
What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Here’s some quick reasons why your online marketing strategy is critical to get right;
    • Potential Audience of billions (Facebook has more than 1 billion users, Linkedin counts more than 175 million and it’s estimated more than 3 billion YouTube videos are watched each day)
    • Targeted Marketing – You can pinpoint your target demographic and focus your sales effort on the right customer
    • Instant Results – Sales can be advertised or information shared at the push of a button
    • Leverage – Imagine delivering flyers to one particular street and having each recipient forward copies to their friends & neighbouring suburbs – welcome to social marketing
    • Build a Buzz – Good content gets noticed. Is your brand being discussed amonst potential customers?
    • It’s Interactive – Engage in conversation to build relationships with your customers and obtain vital feedback for your business
    • Loyalty – Reward your most loyal customers and build your brand loyalty
What is Local Business Marketing?
Local business marketing is simply the process of getting your message in front of your local market. Local directories, listings, citations and reviews combine as powerful online signposts to your business. They also offer social proof for potential customers seeking out the services you offer.
local directory listing Virtual Influence work with you to identify your market and unique value proposition. We research where your target audience is looking online and the keywords they use. We then add, update and optimise your listings on local directories, including Google+ Places, TrueLocal, local business lists and more to place your profile accurately across the Web. Where possible, we include a featured listing and rich data about your business, such as an offer, logo, or photos of your business, all to boost your visibility and drive more traffic. We then encourage and manage online reviews to ensure that customers are being positively influenced by the experience of others.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Peter Drucker
    • Over 13 million people use the Internet daily in Australia (67.5 percent of all Australian residents are now online)
    • Over 90% of Internet users will use search engines such as Google to find the information they are looking for
    • Half of the searches conducted online in Australia reference a location as part of their search term e.g. BROADBEACH takeaway
    • 95% of online shoppers search the web for product information, price comparisons and peer reviews before making a purchase online
Aren't All Websites The Same?
No! There are different types of websites that each serve different purposes.

A brochure type website for your business is no longer adequate. In addition to service and product information on your business site, lead capture via a landing page is the choice of many marketers today in order to build a list of potential customers. Organic search engine rankings take time and good SEO to achieve, so local directories, listings and citations such as Google Places allow your brand to be front and centre with the least effort.

With such a huge percentage of customers browsing on smart phones these days, a responsive website is critical. Our Web 2.0 websites are built on Industry leading WordPress technology, with mobile optimised content and search engine friendly coding. Our themed WordPress websites feature a blog page to increase content and traffic to your site and allow easy updates in the future. Our mobile websites include redirect detection code, a location map and click-to-call feature.