Ready for the NEW Facebook Pixel?

Why Do We Need A New Facebook Pixel

Facebook have announced a new, upgraded, single pixel to rule them all!

Have I lost you? What’s a pixel you say?
Here’s a quick catch up if you missed the biggest marketing advance in history…. Pixel’s are are effectively a piece of code that use a very small transparent image to track activity on the Internet. Have you ever noticed, that after browsing the latest mobile phones they seem to follow you everywhere you go? You finish looking at the latest iphone deals on Amazon, and all of a sudden there are ads for them when you read the news, or check the latest footy scores. This is thanks to a tiny piece of code called a “pixel” that associates you with whatever takes your interest. This allows smart businesses and marketers to dramatically increase their sale conversions by reminding you to buy whatever you were looking at!

Previously, there were multiple pixel codes required to implement both Custom Audience Tracking and Conversions. With improvements to Facebook’s Ad platform we now have a single multi-purpose pixel that can perform the function of both.

In additions, there are several improvements and interesting features.

  • The new Pixel loads 3x faster!
  • There is no need for different pixels anymore with this single unified pixel
  • Multiple (up to 9) standard events can be tracked
  • Your Pixel can be shared to agencies or collaborators through the Business Manager
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Previous integrations of multiple pixels slowed website page load times, negatively affecting your rankings and SEO. This was a BIG deal whether you know it or not… Pixel data (images) take time to load in addition to a barrage of data being communicated to and from Facebook – this slows things down, and Google don’t like that!

According to Facebook:

“All Facebook pixels are now up to 3X faster. We’ve rewritten a large part of our server response code and used javascript minification so that pixel load times can meet even the most strict customer SLAs.”

Facebook’s new single pixel is streamlined and requires only one piece of data to be communicated, while still being able to track multiple events and conversions. Over 9 parameters can be tracked for the Standard Events which include;

  • View Content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Start Checkout process
  • Add Payment Information
  • Complete Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete registration

Working with other people is now much easier and more streamlined. From your Facebook Business Manager, you can now click on “Pixels” and “Assign Agency” to share your code and Pixel ID. As we aren’t all geeks, this simplifies the process for your digital agency to work with your account – and you can remove access at any time.

As this is a new feature beginning to roll out, we recommend holding off until the dust settles before migrating to the new pixel. After any initial bugs are ironed out, it is a simple process to setup and replace your old pixel with the new Facebook pixel code.

As always, drop us a line if you would prefer to leave it with the professionals.


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